Wednesday, 9 January 2013


New stuff is coming to my blog!

So be expecting...

'Musical Mondays'

So every Monday I will be showing you my fave song or artist of the week. I will post the video with it as well. It will be my personal taste so I'm sorry if it's not you but you might find someone who you like :) It will be just what I have heard that week which has been stuck in my head!

'Facemask Friday'

Once a month on the last friday of each month I will will review and suggesting different face masks I have used. A DIY might be thrown in there as well! I just thought it would be a nice easy way for me to review something as I love them as much as chocolate(I really do love chocolate!)

I hope you enjoy this as much as me if you have any suggestions please contact me as I will take them on to make sure this blog is the best it can be!

Bye-bye xx

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