Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Musical Monday #2

This week, all week I have had many a song in my head. But I have just picked one. So this may not be to your taste even if I just told you who the band is. So this week it is...

Nickelback 'If everyone cared'

So even if you don't really like Nickelback I think you should at least give this song a try. It is not as rocky as their other stuff but quite 'Urban' I think you could say but it is definitely easy listening which I quite like!

Try it out!
Bye-bye xx 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

FaceMask Friday #1

FaceMask Friday #1! Ahhhh excited much.

So in one of my recent I said I had bought some of the Montagne jeunesse face masks which are all around about £1. This is an amazing price as they are really good!

So for my facemask this month I used the Very Berry face mask. And I have to say it was pretty flipping AMAZING!

So come along with me for a facemask journey...

1. Put your hair up so you don't get it messy I just put it in a quick bun :)

2. Wash your face and pat it dry. It makes it easier to apply and actually does something.

3. Apply your face mask and pull a weird face(only if you want)

4. Wait however long it says on the pack its usually 10-15mins. Try not to fall to sleep.

5. Wash it all off I used a flannel and a tiny bit of soap. Make sure you get it all off!

I loved this facemask it was a beautiful colour a pearly purple, but that's another thing. It was really nice and had a nice smell but oh my life when I took it off I felt my skin and it felt so moisturised and even my dry skin was really soft and I didn't really notice it. Even now it doesn't feel dry. I would totally recommend for how much it costs. This would be great for a sleepover as there is a lot of product which would do 2 people and for £1 it is just amazing!

Hope you enjoyed
Bye-bye xx

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Music Monday #1

So the song which has been in my head all week is...

'Love is easy' Mcfly

Here is the video...

It's a funny video and a really good song. It quite easy listening and the lyrics are good. I love Mcfly all together they just make me

See you next week for another 'Music Monday'.

Bye-bye xx

Saturday, 19 January 2013

What's all this about snow.?

So if you don't live in the UK you might not know of the tragedy which hit the UK the other day! There have been mad dashes to shops, many people making wills, driving like idiots and looking and dressing up as marshmallows. Yes the UK have had snow...SNOW!!!

All this fuss for snow, I just think it's pretty, but it's no good for making snowballs, it's just like baby powder!

Here are some photos I took of the beautiful sheets of White!

Most of them are taken from my room into my garden :)

Friday, 18 January 2013

Beauty Haul!

So I've been running out of quite a few things. The problem is a lot of the stuff I was using was quite expensive as they were either presents or when I have bought something I got a free gift and that's how I started to use them. But that is not the point of this post so on with the haul.

Most of these in fact all of them are pretty much affordable!

So first of all I went in for some new moisturiser. I picked up the Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturiser for £3.55 but I did not pay that much I tell you! It is so moisturising but not straight away so I use it at night and then your skin feels amazing. Wow!
I then saw it was 3 for 2 on Clean and Clear skincare products and washy washy products. So I got 2 face washes as they are always good to have lots to change up your skin care which means your skin doesn't get use to one particular face wash so I got the Morning energy face wash and the Morning shine control wash. These both are great and have bursting beads in them. They both make your face feel so awake and they are quite cheap. The Morning energy is £3.90 and The morning shine control is £4.30. So all in all I payed £8.20 for all 3 products which I think is really good.

So when your foundation runs out it is time to get a new one. My Mom recently bought this foundation which is the Maybelline Dream Satin liquid. It is an amazing consistency and great coverage. I'm in the shade Ivory, there is 7 shades which I think is quite a good range. It is usually £7.99 which isn't to expensive, but I recently found it in Tesco for just £5 which is good.

I apply it with...

The beauty blender. I love this even though I have only had it for 2 weeks and for one of those weeks I have been ill. This isn't the proper beauty blender but I was not prepared to pay £16 when I knew that I could buy one for £5. It's the brand cosmopolitan which I feel is just as good and more than half the price.

And obviously at the end of the day you have have to take off your makeup with something. While I was in Tesco I needed some new make-up removers so I picked these up for just 45p each. You can tell they are 45p as they are sort of scratcy but not to scratchy that it hurts. But I tell you something it gets rid of everything even waterproof mascara!! Just amazing!

So I bought 2 facemask for about £1 each but I haven't used them yet and you will have to wait until one of the 'Facemask Fridays' for a full reveiw!

So that's all for my haul it wasn't to much but I thought it was worthy of a haul.

Bye-bye xx

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


New stuff is coming to my blog!

So be expecting...

'Musical Mondays'

So every Monday I will be showing you my fave song or artist of the week. I will post the video with it as well. It will be my personal taste so I'm sorry if it's not you but you might find someone who you like :) It will be just what I have heard that week which has been stuck in my head!

'Facemask Friday'

Once a month on the last friday of each month I will will review and suggesting different face masks I have used. A DIY might be thrown in there as well! I just thought it would be a nice easy way for me to review something as I love them as much as chocolate(I really do love chocolate!)

I hope you enjoy this as much as me if you have any suggestions please contact me as I will take them on to make sure this blog is the best it can be!

Bye-bye xx

Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Years Resolutions...

So its 2013 which means New Years Resolutions!

  1. So number one is Lose weight/ Tone up! I know it's the generic one but I'm going on a cruise in August and this body is not going out until I tone up. I won't be dieting but just choosing the right food and not eating bad stuff. I will also be exercising a whole lot more.
     2. So one specifically to you is making more blog post and try to get more followers. I hope you help with the journey, and enjoy it!

     3. Organisation! At the moment I'm not to organised so I will try to increase that woo!

     4.  Carry on learning to cook. Well that is quite easy as my big cousin is a chef. I really enjoy cooking and I want to learn more about it!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My 2012 Faves!

So 2012 had served us and left...

I can't believe how quick this year has gone. But it is time for me to do my 2012 favorites! This is obviously my opinion and you may agree or disagree.

These are my 12 faves of 2012!

So in No.1 is...

Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter! If I could I would buy everything from The Body Shop! But this year my favorite body butter has been the Peach one because it smells amazing! Honestly it is not a smell which really goes with each season, but I don't really mind because it smells so great. If your have a Body Shop near you go and smell it! Smell all of them because there isn't one which I don't like. They are all so moisturizing and keep their moisture for hours! This year has been quite cold so it has been drying my skin out and this has been keeping it nice and moisturized! For £13 or £6.50 at the moment it is amazing!

So in No.2 is...
   I have been loving benefit dandelion this year as it gives a tiny bit of colour but it gives a beautiful sheen and it really does make you look awake!  I use this near enough every day and this is the old packaging so you can tell how long it lasts! It is £23.50 which I know is expensive but it lasts ages and is one of the best blushes I have used in ages!

So in No.3 is...
Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub is a must have whatever the year! It smells amazing and tastes GREAT! But I love it because it makes your lips amazing and soft and all prepped for whatever you put on your lips! It is £5.25 which is I suppose is quite a good and it lasts quite well and yeah I would totally recommend it!
So in No.4 is...

 So because it has been quite a cold year my hands have been suffering a lot they were getting dry until this badboy! Soap and glory are amazing because it moisturized my hands and made them smell lovely! This is a mini but you can get a large size, the mini is £2.50 and the large one is £5, which are both relatively cheap and a little goes a long way. It smells amazing and this is probably about my 6th bottle and most of them have been the large ones.

So in No.5 is...
  So this is Lancome Bi-Facil which is a cleanser which has some oil in. This is amazing and I only started using it this year and my face hasn't been as dry. I put it on at night to let it sink in over night so by the morning my face is soft and great for putting makeup on as it will go on smoothly. This is £21 which is expensive but last ages!

So in No.6 is...
 This moisturizer is amazing and a life saver whenever I have had bad skin like dry skin this just saves the life out of it. It is really cheap and lasts ages. It is a light moisturizer and would be good for any skin types. It's on £3.79 which is a complete bargain!

So in No.7 is...
Rimmel London Stay Matte is just amazing. I was using the Natural Collection but then I used this and it gives a great coverage for a powder which lasts ages and is relatively cheap. For £3.99 it last ages and sets your makeup for the day. There is quite a colour variation which goes well over foundation or just on its own. Again a little goes along way and this has lasted me just over 12 months and I still haven't hit pan.

So in No.8 is...
The MUA eye shadow palette in Heaven and Earth  is amazing if you are just getting into make-up because the variation of colours means you can do most anything with your eye shadow and make it look professional. It is only £4 and you get 12 highly pigmented eye shadows which aren't to chalky.

So in No.9 is...

So this is going for all the Body Shop Born Lippy lip balms. I love all of them because they all smell so nice and sweet! They are the most moisturising but it does make the feel really nice after. They are great to carry around because they are really small. They are normally £4 but in a sale they are £2.

So in No.10 is...
So only this year have I started wearing eyeshadow, this is amazing. Some people say you don't need a primer but I disagree as you need to make sure it says. I personally like MAC paint pots as they last ages and you can wear them on there own for a touch of colour!

So in No.11 is...
Soap and glorys Clean on me is amazing. It smells amazing and the smell lasts ages. A little goes a long way with this. It has so much moisture in it so you don't really need a moisturiser afterwards because your body is already moisturised. 

So in No.12 is...
So Lancome Hypnose STAR is amazing! Some people say they don't like it but personally I think it is a great formula, not to wet or to dry. It doesn't make your eyelashes spidery just thicker! At £21 it is very expensive but it lasts quite a while as you don't need to put as much on and I mean just look at the packaging how could you not resist!

Thank you for stopping by,
Bye-bye xx