Saturday, 29 December 2012

What I got for Christmas!

So this isn't to brag I just thought you would like to see what I had for Christmas!!

I hope your not bored of these because I'm not! aha.

So lets get started....

 So I got a vary of clothing this year. I got 2 hats which were from next which I sort of hinted at to my mom! Then I got a One Direction hoody which is so comfy and I have worn it nearly everyday since Christmas! I then had a Body Warmer which has fur on the hood. I really love it because it is a beautiful colour and it is nice and warm. I got a jumper which has a little dog on! It was from new look and it is sooo warm!

So my Auntie and Uncle got me lots of stuff for making ice cream, which I love. I haven't yet done any yet but when I do I will do a quick blog on it! There are some really cool recipes in it i can't wait!

Is someone trying to tell me something?! I got soap and glory gift sets so I am ready for the rest of the year! Then I got a lipgloss set from M&S they are really pigmented! They give a great coverage an they are quite moisturizing  I got a n-spa mango gift washy doo dah gift set which smells AMAZING! And to go with it I got a Minnie Mouse puff body scrubber, It is so cute and I love it. The last smelly thing I got was the So...? In Love! Which I have to say i am 'In Love' with... do you get it? The smell is amazing! The set I got had the body spray, perfume and a pretty lipgloss which is an amazing colour!

Me and my Mom invested in a Tassimo which is great and is great for my mom because you can buy coffee pods everywhere but for me noooo! I'm not to keen on coffee, more of a Hot Chocolate girl me! Luckily my Mom bought me some Cadbury hot chocolate pods which are amazing and I love and they taste so amazing! Nommm!

So here were some miscellaneous things which were given to me! There is a little jewelry box which is so sweet and will go perfect in my room! I had some little chocolates nommy nommy! One Direction stuff oh yeah! And a toothbrush yep I got a toothbrush as I needed a new one so my Mom got me an electronic one which is amazing!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Bye-bye xx

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas day!

Its Christmas!!!!

So yesterday was Christmas!!!

Here are some piccies an info about my day wooooooah! As you can tell i was a bit excited!!

Yep me and the cousin(Adam) trying to get in festive mood, although he did have a Christmas top on!

Christmas camera wars! Oh yeah i think I took the most photos but its still going on!

My little cousin Martha was way too excited for Christmas but it was so fun!! But my face :o

Our beautiful dinner table done by my nanny! I have to say our Christmas dinner was pretty ace to!

Yep that's also my cousin playing guitar, my guitar! Yep he had been hard at work all day then came back and played us some tunes!

Sorry for the lack of photos I had such a busy day but do look out for a 'what I got for Christmas' post!

Bye-bye xx

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

It's nearly Christmaaaasssssss...!

It's beginning to look a look like Christmas everywhere we go! Do you know that song aha!

I love Christmas, well not the cold obviously!

I love going through Pinterest and Weheartit and typing in Christmas and it comes up with amazing picture of things to do and just like general Christmas!

Here are some of the best pictures I found!

L-R: Baubles, Snowflake cookies, Starbucks Red Cups, Hand Tree Picture, Candy canes,
Colour me Packaging, Hot Chocolate, Pine cones and Santa Hat cakes!
I love the Christmas feeling and Christmas preparation! I hope you do too!

Have a very merry Christmas but don't worry I will try to post before then :)

So festive posts from my festive days to come!

Bye-bye xx

Sunday, 16 December 2012


So in the exciting life I live, I sort of need ideas :) I have some ideas for Christmas but that's about it and some for the new year! but until then what do you want to see! It would be so cool to see your opinions go onto my blog!

Please comment it will really help and then you get to see some stuff you might not of got to of seen. I would literally do anything to keep you guys happy.

I know you are all thinking you should do what you want but I think that you should get to see what you want.

So leave you ideas below and I will try to do as many as I can.

 Bye-bye xx

Saturday, 15 December 2012

OOTD... Mates 18th party!

So about a week ago it was my mates 18th birthday party! It was really fun and I hope he had fun too!

So I took some photos of what I Wore!

So I just plaited my hair because I was having a bit of a bad hair day but it looked really good and I think it suited the dress and look. I wore some black tights which were from Sainsburys, but there nothing special they just look good with near enough everything.

So the dress was from Dorothy Perkins and was £29.50. It has little foxes on it so it is so cute! It has a bow to tie and it comes to just above the knee.

I love this necklace! They are very in fashion as owls are. Its gold and on a long chain. it was from New Look and was I think £4.99.

I just couldn't resist this aha I just like it!

I hope you like this! Make sure you follow as it really helps!

Bye-Bye xx

Thursday, 13 December 2012


I am in love with Pinterest at the moment! i love how you can get so many creative ideas from it! I will spend hours just searching through it for good ideas like for Christmas especially.

I have recently looking at cool science and art projects me and my little cousin can do over the Christmas holidays. We love just doing creative stuff and Pinterest is great as you can get so many ideas!

It is a free sign up which is amazing and I would urge(is that how you spell it?)you to join. It varies from beauty to

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

OOTD... My B-Day!

So it was recently my birthday and I was 14! I went to Nandos for my Birthday with my best mate :) I wore something really simple and basic but it looked good :)

Ok so I did wear alot of New Look lol!

So I wore my studded earrings with all of my hair taken back for a more casual look.
This is sooo warm!
So this penguin top is amazing for this time of the year as it is so warm and fluffy!

So I thought I would just wear my beigey chinos because they go with everything!!!

So for my birthday I had this bag and OMG I love it so much it is a knitted bag with a leather strap. I really love this as it fits loads of things in it.

Bye-Bye xx