Saturday, 26 January 2013

FaceMask Friday #1

FaceMask Friday #1! Ahhhh excited much.

So in one of my recent I said I had bought some of the Montagne jeunesse face masks which are all around about £1. This is an amazing price as they are really good!

So for my facemask this month I used the Very Berry face mask. And I have to say it was pretty flipping AMAZING!

So come along with me for a facemask journey...

1. Put your hair up so you don't get it messy I just put it in a quick bun :)

2. Wash your face and pat it dry. It makes it easier to apply and actually does something.

3. Apply your face mask and pull a weird face(only if you want)

4. Wait however long it says on the pack its usually 10-15mins. Try not to fall to sleep.

5. Wash it all off I used a flannel and a tiny bit of soap. Make sure you get it all off!

I loved this facemask it was a beautiful colour a pearly purple, but that's another thing. It was really nice and had a nice smell but oh my life when I took it off I felt my skin and it felt so moisturised and even my dry skin was really soft and I didn't really notice it. Even now it doesn't feel dry. I would totally recommend for how much it costs. This would be great for a sleepover as there is a lot of product which would do 2 people and for £1 it is just amazing!

Hope you enjoyed
Bye-bye xx

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