Wednesday, 24 April 2013

New beauty box?

So recently Glosybox have released their new beauty box which is aimed more at teenagers. The box is called Miss Glossybox.

It will be £7 and then p+p which makes it just about £10. The good thing about this box is it will be affordable brands and there will still be 5 full size or samples in the box. I also like this as it comes every two months so again it won't cost as much but you still get a nice amount of products.

I also like that they are cheaper brands so it is cheaper for me to go and rebuy them. So the first one comes in May and every 2 months I will be blogging about them and be showing what was in there and what i thought. I also heard that they come in a little green drawstring baggy (nawwww).

So i hope you will enjoy these posts and maybe you might want to buy them aswell!

Bye xx

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