Tuesday, 18 December 2012

It's nearly Christmaaaasssssss...!

It's beginning to look a look like Christmas everywhere we go! Do you know that song aha!

I love Christmas, well not the cold obviously!

I love going through Pinterest and Weheartit and typing in Christmas and it comes up with amazing picture of things to do and just like general Christmas!

Here are some of the best pictures I found!

L-R: Baubles, Snowflake cookies, Starbucks Red Cups, Hand Tree Picture, Candy canes,
Colour me Packaging, Hot Chocolate, Pine cones and Santa Hat cakes!
I love the Christmas feeling and Christmas preparation! I hope you do too!

Have a very merry Christmas but don't worry I will try to post before then :)

So festive posts from my festive days to come!

Bye-bye xx

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